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Happy Oak
Web Design

Our Philosophy

At Happy Oak, we're inspired by the resilience of the oak tree in today's digital age. We focus on simplicity to create websites that stand strong amidst rapid change. Our approach combines trusted design standards with user-friendly functionality, ensuring your online presence is both effective and easy to manage. We believe in keeping things straightforward for our clients, delivering streamlined solutions that empower your brand without unnecessary complexity. Join us at Happy Oak, where simplicity meets resilience for digital success that lasts.

Who Makes Happy Oak?

Happy Oak Web Design is owned and operated in Chico, Ca. As a lifelong resident of a close-knit community I'm always excited to talk to small business owners from all over the country about how we can optimize their web presence.


If you already have a website and want to streamline your User Experience or need to get started on the web, don't hesitate to reach out!

Owner / Founder



Hey! I'm Jake, and I'm all about my wife, 2 kids, and having a ball! Some of my favorite activities are fly fishing, bike riding, and cooking. If you ever have questions about Web Design i'm available through the contact page!

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